What you need to know about the life of Aafia Siddiqui: interesting from her biography

Geopolitical problems draw ordinary people into their orbit, often breaking their destinies. This applies to representatives of different races, gender, and educational level.

Beliefs and circumstances can lead to this, but a person's life can change dramatically. One of these representatives was Aafia Siddiqui.

Stages of the life path

The girl was born in Karachi in 1972. Her parents had excellent education, her father worked as a neurosurgeon, her mother was a teacher. Having received school knowledge, and having a desire to study further, she went to the USA, to one of the most prestigious universities - the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She received her bachelor's degree here. Then there were doctorates in philosophy and neuroscience.

She worked as a volunteer at the Muslim Students Association, at the refugee center. Here she made acquaintances and connections with many people, including those who were then noted for terrorist activities.

A change of fate

The September 11 terrorist attack changed everything. After that, Siddiqui returned to Pakistan with her three children and lived in Karachi. However, in 2003 she mysteriously disappeared.

It was only in 2008 that her name surfaced when a woman was detained with a shooting in Ghazni, Afghanistan, near the governor's residence. The evidence and the attempted escape from custody allowed the Afghan authorities to extradite Siddiqui to the United States. The trial took place in 2010. Despite attempts by the defense to declare her ward insane, she appeared in court, was found guilty, and received 86 years in prison.

In Pakistan, the verdict is considered unfair, and many organizations, including those declared terrorist, are attempting to release Americans by offering an exchange.

This case shows well the ambiguity of assessments in the activities of people, the attitude towards them in different states or a certain social environment. For some, Siddiqui is a criminal, for others, a fighter for justice.