Why it is worth holding a wedding in Georgia: the advantages of such a solution

Now the organization of a wedding ceremony in Georgia is becoming more and more popular. Why is wedding tourism so developed in this country?

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The following advantages of the decision to hold a wedding ceremony in Georgia can be highlighted:

  1. The absence of bureaucratic red tape. To get married in Georgia, you don't have to collect a pile of papers. It is enough to have a passport. If there are no witnesses, they will be provided by the agency that organizes the wedding.
  2. Wedding tourism in Georgia is much cheaper than in many other countries. There are a lot of offers and there is always an opportunity to choose a more budget option.
  3. Weddings in this country are always filled with a unique atmosphere. The history, ancient traditions and rich culture of Georgia leave their unique imprint on the wedding ceremony.
  4. The picturesque landscapes of Georgia are an ideal location for a wedding. Moreover, there is an opportunity to choose a place for every taste: mountains, lakes, seashore, vineyards, ancient architecture.
  5. The possibility of privacy. Many couples prefer to get married abroad to avoid having to invite a crowd of relatives and friends. This day will completely belong to the newlyweds, and no one will disturb their idyll.
  6. A variety of Georgian cuisine. Traditional Georgian dishes and famous local wines will be the highlight of the wedding feast. Importantly, with such an abundance, the wedding feast will not cost too much.
  7. Georgian hospitality. The newlyweds will be able to appreciate the famous Georgian hospitality.
  8. Unique traditions and rituals. To make the wedding ceremony unique, it is worth adding some local traditions to it.